Assessing and evaluating the potential threats and levels of risk together with reviewing the client’s existing security measures enables a strategic plan to be collated. This will identify security issues that need addressing together with advice and recommendations on how these issues can be effectively designed out or managed. The outcome may not always result in a complete new system. More often, an existing security system can be adapted, upgraded and enhanced by the implementation of good management practices.


ASP’s consultants have a reputation as good team players. We understand the importance of working together with other members of the design team and, if required, can provide the essential interface between the client and authorities such as the police or local planning authority. When appointed at an early stage on new builds we can provide security advice that will reduce the possibility of redesign costs affecting schedule and budgets later in the project. In addition we can formulate security guidelines which the client or their agent can utilise when developing future new sites/builds.


Researching, resourcing and evaluating suitable products means we can provide clear budgets and detailed technology assessments. Comparison reports enable the best value, fit for purpose system to be procured, ensuring at the same time that the client benefits from a clear understanding of the likely cost of ownership of the proposed security measures.


ASP’s individual and bespoke designs, specifications and CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings can be used for tender purposes. We specify each product to ensure that like for like, competitive tenders are received. We undertake tender processes including prequalification, tender issue and evaluation including assessment of returns and attendance at tender interviews to assist the client in appointing the most suitable contractor.


By providing a project supervision role, we ensure that the integrated security systems are installed in accordance with the specifications, applicable standards and regulations.